Saturday, September 25, 2010

Teeth, Squealing, and the Army Crawl!

The boys turned 7 months on September 21st. What a crazy whirlwind it has been! David has been in a helmet since August 3rd. He doesn't seem to mind it too much. He has a neck condition called torticollis which even in the womb caused him to lay with his head to the right. Until physical therapy, he had a very hard time turning his head to the left, but most of that has been resolved! His last (hopefully) PT session is Tuesday and I'm super excited to see what his therapist says! Because of this condition, he developed quite the flat spot so the helmet is helping to round out his head. I think he looks adorable in the helmet though! He's built like a linebacker so I call the helmet his football helmet! :o)I think the helmet has given him confidence because he loves to move! He army crawls all over the place and is fascinated with cords, so Mommy and Daddy are trying to hide lamp cords, tv cords, etc. It's just beginning!

Keegan will be going into surgery for his ears on Friday. He has to get tubes. He has been on amoxicillen, augmentin, omnicef, and two shots of rosephin all since the middle of July. His ear infections have been in both ears and have been continuous. So thankful for Dr. Kraus who is taking action quickly to bring some relief to my pumpkin! The great thing is - Keegan always smiles, even when sick. Keegan has seemed to reach a higher level of volume in the last few weeks. I even asked the doctor if that was an effect of his ear infections. Although the doctor said no, she did say that when he squeals, it probably vibrates the fluid in his ears and tickles a bit. He has learned to entertain himself by squealing! He is very loud but we love hearing his voice!

Looking forward to getting together for a playdate with two friends who also have twins. Monday we're having what I termed "Twinfest!" It should be fun and I know the boys can't wait to see their friends! Until next time...


  1. Dr. Kraus is the best - he treated Eli when he was in the hospital at age 3. Love hearing these updates about the boys. A real treat!

  2. Aww, I love the will help us better keep up with each other...I need to be on top of updating mine more reguarly! :) I hate that we didnt get to have our twinfest...but soon!!!