Wednesday, October 27, 2010

October = Crazy

This month has been so incredibly weird! Phillip and I decided to start a 40 days of purpose type thing between the two of us. We started it the end of September and we're about to finish it up Friday. We both committed to certain things, read through Purpose Driven Life, and became very consistent in our daily devotions and prayer time. We're really asking God for direction and praying that this 40 days will change us!

We have 3 days left and all I can say is this: God has something amazing just around the corner for us, because the adversary has thrown everything he can to stop us. In the last 36 days both boys have had surgery. Our finances have completely fallen through the floor. I've had a cold for 2 weeks. Phillip was in the emergency room with kidney stones. Keegan has had a fever 3 weeks out of that 36 days. He has contracted the coxsackie virus (blisters in his mouth and throat) for the second time in 3 months. Due to sickness, I have not been able to work or teach as much this month. Bills have been late. We've been to the emergency room 5 times and the boys have been to the pediatrician 3 times. Our stress levels have gone through the roof.

And then, there are the miraculous things that God is doing in the midst of it! We have learned to trust in a whole new way. It's a safe place to be when Jesus is the only One who truly sees exactly where we are and He is the only One who can bring change. Phillip and I are learning to rest in that. We have been to the peds 3 times, the plastic surgeon 3 times, had 2 surgeries, been in the ER 5 times. In copays alone, this should have been $660.00. Out of pocket, we have paid a total of $185.00. Keegan's surgeon and the pediatrician are the only two who have charged us and come to find out, we shouldn't have had to pay the $125.00 to the surgeon. God is good!

David's toes have healed up nicely despite all of the "trauma" of coming out of 5 hard casts. He has not cried one time due to pain or sensitivity. All of the bandaging is supposed to come off today and we can bathe his foot! Praise the Lord for His healing work in David! He has crawled all over the place putting quite a bit of pressure on his separated toes. The graft has held just fine and the worst part is that he has eaten the legs off of two dead crickets I didn't see...He enjoyed it, I just about lost my lunch and my stomach is churning right now thinking about it!

Keegan has not had any more trouble with his ears. Although he has struggled with other things, we thank God that the tubes have been working and his ears no longer bother him! He is not crawling yet but has learned to go from sitting to laying on his stomach and is just started to try to get up on all fours - It won't be long! He has his front two top teeth coming in and he looks absolutely adorable!

The Lord has blessed us financially through all of this. I have found money in strange places! We have been able to catch up on bills and even pay a debt off! People have unexpectedly made us dinner, bought clothes for the boys, and dropped off food for them. It's amazing how God uses tests and trials to build faith. My faith has been shallow and I feel like I've been thrown in the deep end lately, but I know God "holds my world in His hands!"

I have so much to be thankful for! One look at my precious boys and I can't complain - God has been SO GOOD. He has brought a song to my mind many times in the last 40 days and I'll sign off with it! "Even in the hard times, even when I feel pain, I've made up my mind - I'm going to praise Him anyway! Through the fire and through the rain, I will lift up His name, though I may feel discouraged, He is worthy to be praised! After all He has done and how far we have come, His word and His promise forever remain. And I know this is true, He will carry me through, He's WORTHY just the same!"